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At Arcogent you’ll find everything you need meet your business and IT objectives. Maximum value is our mantra, and one we don’t take lightly. We partner with YOU to maximize the value of your Splunk and IBM investment. Let our complete set of expert services, robust Apps, and re-sell capabilities help you manage, enhance, and evolve your strategic and tactical goals for both business and IT .

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IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) and IBM Business Analytics (Cognos BI) are still amongst the most robust tools on the market today.




Splunk is the de facto market leader for Machine Data and Operational Intelligence.  It is a powerful platform that boasts numerous high-impact Apps.




Arcogent value Apps include Iguana, a multi-source, multi-channel web analytics solution and Chameleon data warehouse load monitoring.



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What we do


Outcomes based thought leadership with project success at its core.  Strategic leadership, project management, effective results-based approach.  We work in partnership with you to deliver the value you expect from technology investments.



Maximize impact on a new requirement or mature deployment, scale your IT organization or backfill resources with skilled Experts.    Our seasoned services team is fully accredited and certified at the highest levels and ready to partner for your success.



Ensure success, mitigate project risk with proven industry leaders Splunk and/or IBM.  Negotiate the best, most cost-effective terms, have confidence that your licensing, subscription and support are compliant.