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Our Company

Arcogent is a data analytics company. We help clients develop a blueprint for action, effectively assessing their organizational goals and aligning business strategy with technologies to achieve overall business objectives.

Our Goals

Our entire organization is committed to developing strong, long-term relationships with out clients built on integrity and trust. We work continuously to reinforce and nurture our engagements to ensure each partnership is cultivated at every stage.

Our Solutions

We invite you to leverage our expertise and intense focus on you - our client - to develop actionable, value-adding, information systems.

Why Arcogent?

Big Data is what we do and we do it extremely well.

Professional Team

Arcogent invests heavily in our people as we believe that their competency leads to customer's success.


Proven certified professionals who thoroughly understand the need of technology for the right use cases.


Experts and early adopters of new open source Big Data frameworks including but not limited to Apache Spark, Apache Flink.

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