What is Chameleon?

Unparalleled ETL/ELT Analysis
Chameleon ensures you get the stability, performance, and value you envisioned having from ETL/ELT deployments. Most outfits settle for manual log review or very simplistic, generic alerts. The problem is that these rarely result in efficient issue resolution. Chameleon is a real time, robust analytical application that provides unparalleled visibility and insights on the ETL's system's health. It helps you gain a deep understanding of the underlying infrastructure and also facilitates the diagnosis of performance ETL/ELT jobs issues.

Can Eliminate Monitoring Fees
Are you stuck with manual monitoring processes with suspect reliability? Organizations who choose to apply Chameleon as part of their Operational Intelligence for Analytics realize near-immediate cost saving benefits.


What value are you gaining from Chameleon?

Simple. Effective. Timely. Meaningful. Information on how your most important asset - Analytics Data - is assembled.

Organizations spend top dollars creating rich business-critical data sets. Once these are in place, any small failure or error can prove disastrous. However, most organizations don't have adequate oversight of the key processes that build their business data and limit themselves to some email trigger. Or, worse yet, no oversight at all. Chameleon is a superior alternative as it not only monitors in real-time but also can pinpoint specific root causes, alert teams before issues occur, and analyze historical performance then predict possible failures. These capabilities, along with its multi-system abilities, makes Chameleon a superior choice to any offering provided by ETL/ELT vendors which are, in comparison, crude and difficult to implement.Chameleon is SIMPLE yet wildly EFFECTIVE at ensuring your business-critical analytics are running.

Chameleon Agents

The Chameleon ETL/ELT agents simplify the reading and gathering of tool specific ETL data.

Operational Intelligence

Operational Visibility allows you to explore the endless possibilities of Machine Data. Identify and analyze root causes and correlate.


With Chameleons visualizations and reports, the user would be able to decipher and understand the metrics that are critical for the organization.

Pattern Recognition

Identify key, complex events with Chameleon's pattern recognition algorithms, then monitor and raise alerts for various users.

Real-time Monitoring

Be able to review, monitor and evaluate jobs in real-time to stay up-to-date.


Receive alerts at specified intervals in regards to warnings, errors and other data related issues.

Time-series Analysis

Analyze and extract meaningful insights from any DataStage® logs.

Role-based Security

Configure access to specific dashboards and reports based on user roles.

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