Integrating marketing and operational intelligence in one.

The Need
Clickstream data provides marketers with actionable, real-time intelligence about online strategies and marketing initiatives, however, with one critical drawback. There is a lack of correlation with other data sources disallowing Data Scientists to effectively provide insights from the getgo.

The Problem
Meeting these needs is rather difficult as these data files are purely raw and inconsistent. It spans multiple lines and requires complex event processing. Furthermore, gaining valuable insights becomes cumbersome.


What is Iguana?

Iguana is a simple, yet powerful, end-to-end product developed specifically to effortlessly integrate, monitor, and analyze your Omniture data for both real-time and batch analysis. With intelligent preprocessing and effective ingestion techniques, Iguana delivers powerful insights via pattern recognition, alerts, reports, and dashboards.
Custom Fault Tolerant Parser

Parsing raw data to a structured analytical data format to allow ingestion into Big Data Platforms.

Operational Intelligence & Machine Learning

Receive correlatable marketing insights with operational data and vice versa. Create predictive models for clustering, segmentation or anomoly detection.

Custom Dashboards & Reports

Engaging visuals which deliver information and analytics on your Clickstream data.

CIM Compliant

Common Information Model utilized for semantic mappings for Web Analytics.

Real-time Insights

Insights on real-time data to provide meaningful information for the marketing team.


Receive alerts at specified intervals in regards to warnings, errors and other data related issues.

Atomic Data Analytics

Data Lake repository to parse the raw data to integrate and correlate with other data sources.

Role-based Access Control

Configure access to specific dashboards and reports based on user roles.

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