Arcogent Achieve

Our experienced consultancy of software specialists and administrators use a 5-Stage agile methodology, which we call Arcogent Achieve. Working together, Arcogent will advise and implement your business intelligence solutions while meeting your stated requirements, on time and within budget. We also offer training for your staff who, in turn, will more effectively deliver your projects.

Stages of Arcogent Achieve


Arcogent will assess your current infrastructure and technical readiness. We will collaborate with your team, asking incisive questions to better understand your business, performance goals, expectations in a solution and how end users will interact with the technology. We work with you to create plans for training and ongoing consultative support after the solution is delivered. By the end of this phase, we will have an agreement with a well-defined scope of intention.


Working from a conceptual idea of your solution, we will verify organizational sources of data, identify quality assurance parameters, and design and create a prototype of your system including the user interface. Finally, we will validate and verify the system, adjusting our work according to feedback as we go.


At this point, we create a virtual environment, that ensures quality according to the established parameters, in which to begin developing the ins and outs of the application. We build the back-end functionality of the system with an intuitive user interface. Additionally, we migrate historical data, establish user rights, and perform extensive user acceptance testing. When the site application is working properly we’ll make the decision to deploy.


Arcogent performs operational readiness testing and deploys a production-ready system. We train users to use the system according to the established plan and finalize the ongoing support schedule. At the end of this phase, you’ll have a functional system, fully-trained staff, and all application and end-user documentation.


Finally, you’ll have the tools, the training, and the plan to move your business forward using your business intelligence solution. You’ll have the know-how to perform scheduled data back up and ongoing performance management. With ongoing consultative support, we will continue to be your trusted business intelligence partner.

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