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How secure is your enterprise?

Cyber criminals are developing more complex and sophisticated methods to exploit lapses in security. This allows their malicious software to find an entry way into your company and as a result spy on your data. These attacks on an enterprise have become a part of everyday life, in addition to the already present threat to sensitive data, which has made it a challenge for modern business processes. Security must, therefore, be an integral part - whether in a data center, network, or at the workplace.

Arcogent Competency

  • Planning, Development, and Implementation
  • Consultants and Experts with comprehensive technical knowledge
  • Analysis and Conception
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Establishment of Evaluations
  • Administrator Training
  • Documentation and Project Management

Modern enterprises now have a need for comprehensive security technologies that can adapt to complex threats and variable enterprise requirements. To be one step ahead of any external attacks, internal attacks, and costly fraud activities, enterprises will require continues security and compliance monitoring, quick and short response times in case of incidents, and have the ability to detect and respond to known, unknown and complex threats.


  • Compliance with safety guidelines
  • Easy management of safety guidelines
  • Real-time detection of anomalies and complex thread handling
  • Notification automation for any safety-relevant incidents
  • Adherence to compliance requirements and out-of-the-box reports

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