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The right skills with the right arrangement.


If you are looking for a project oriented approach with defined a defined plan.  Characteristics of a consulting engagement may include;

  • Project centric approach
  • Driven by Project Plan
  • Thought Leadership
  • Applied methodology
  • Performance responsibility
  • Project and Outcomes influence


Turn to staffing if you're looking to backfill a hard-to-find position, need extended help in a particular area, or have have temporary need where the skill required has a 'shelf life'.  Typical characteristics of a staffing might include;

  • Resource centric approach
  • Team already in place
  • Support business-as-usual (BAU) activities
  • Some of the requisite skill may already be in-house
  • Most likely not project driven
  •  Task oriented


Understanding and managing soft-asset costs is a complicated endeavor.  For example, you may have acquired several years ago and have been happily using them.  Over time new releases may have afforded new capabilities while sunsetting others.  It's also likely that the licensed user structure and even vendor part number have changed in that time period.  In some cases, software products are even merged, acquired or spun off. All this and more can make it very challenging to get a true year-over-year picture of costs including total cost of ownership, deployment compliance, and other important factors.


Arcogent helps you understand what your true year-over-year total cost of ownership is and whether increases are justifiable or there's room for cost-containment & optimization.  It's not until a thorough analysis is done that this comes to light.  So why not rely on on vendor provided tool?  Well, often times these tools don't provide a complete picture, instead dealing with what might be currently deployed in a particular environment while not considering historical costs and events.  You simply cannot achieve this without experienced hands on it.


If you are an IT executive looking to manage budget, or in Sourcing/Procurement looking to drive cost-savings back to the business, consider engaging Arcogent's Soft Asset Management Services.




More than any other factor, your successful deployments rely on people with real skill and know-how.  These, however, are sometimes not available within your organization and may be difficult to find outside your walls too.  If you are deploying IBM or Splunk, then we have the talent and program to fit your immediate and future resourcing needs.  We live and breath IBM and Splunk.  So, yeah, we're good at it.


At Arcogent we service a very specific skills market.  This ensures that when we partner together, you get only highly skilled and completely certified people.  People who are smart, creative, dedicated, reliable and above all good at what they do.  People like you.



- Core

- Enterprise Security (ES)




- Business Analytics (Cognos)

- Planning Analytics (TM1)

- InfoSphere (DataStage / QualityStage)

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