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Splunkbase app for IBM DataStage

Chameleon allows for Real-Time monitoring of data movement (ETL / ELT) jobs & processes, providing instant insight when something goes awry.  Do away with manual intervention and hours, if not days, of sifting through logs. instead, let Arcogent Chameleon for DataStage® monitor and analyze those large and complex logs to rapidly hone in on the exact root cause of any gremlin ... the ROI on recovering that wasted time is near immeasurable.


Splunkbase app for Multi-sourced Web Analytics

Purpose built for today's multi-source, multi-channel digital age.  Use Arcogent Iguana App to gather and correlate your web data using the CIM (Common Information Model) for unrivaled insights and flexibility.  Start with our Adobe Analyitics connector, and move to pull in any number of other web analytic data sources.


IBM Cognos Analytics (Business Intelligence-Reporting) and IBM Planning Analytics (Plan-Budget-Forecast) are 2 of the more mature offerings on the market today.  Both solutions are also offered in the cloud and have rich feature sets that is sure to meet your business needs.   The data stack is underpinned by IBM InfoSphere (incl DataStage and Quality Stage) to round out a complete data driven solution.  We can help you navigate, build, maintain, and renew any / all of this IBM stack.`


 Splunk is among the most popular platforms for Operational Intelligence (OI) and Machine Learning.  The scalability and breadth of capabilities is illustrated, in part, by the value-driven Splunkbase applications that can be found.  Premium apps such as ITSI, ITSM, and ES are among dozens of high-impact solutions offered on the platform.  As a fully accredited Splunk Partner+ business partner, Arcogent can (and will) help you with all aspects of a successful Splunk Implementation - from acquisition-to-implementation-to-operation.

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